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Glasses Display Area At Lindop Opticians


Whatever your style and whatever your visual needs, we are sure you will find a new pair of glasses you will love from our wide selection.

Our Frame Collection

We make the experience of choosing glasses easy by stocking an excellent selection of frames with affordable options as well as top-of-the-range brands like William Morris, Calvin Klein, Ray-Ban, Swarovski, Calvin Klein, Stepper, Radley and Louis Marchel and more.


Our team are specialists in providing helpful advice in styling, lens selection and matching glasses to your lifestyle.

Eyewear Styling

Lindop Opticians Sunglasses display

With over 30 years of experience, we are experts in eyewear styling. We understand how to match frames to different face shapes and complexions, but also that choosing frames is an important personal choice.


All of our frames are selected for design and comfort, so when you find the style that suits you, you can rest assured that your new glasses will be of the highest quality.

Our Brands

Prescription Sunglasses
Inside Lindop Opticians

The majority of our frames can be fitted as prescription sunglasses so you can enjoy the sun while protecting your eyes and maintaining excellent vision. Our sunglasses use a variety of tinted and polarised coatings, so you decide which ones will work best for your lifestyle.

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