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women inserting contact lenses

Contact Lenses

Clear, comfortable vision from the convenient alternative to wearing spectacles. 

Contact Lenses at Lindop Opticians

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing glasses, contact lenses are now a better alternative than ever before. We are proud to offer an excellent selection of the best quality contact lenses available and with many different types to choose from, we will always be able to find the set that fit the requirements of your lifestyle.

Contact Lens Assessments

Women putting in contact lenses

Due to recent advances in contact lens technology, there are now many more types of lenses designed to suit different types of eyes and personal preferences.


During your contact lens assessment, we will create your prescription and guide you through the process of deciding which lenses will best suit your lifestyle.

The Different Types of Contact Lenses

If you have sensitive eyes, a high prescription or astigmatism we have speciality lenses that can be fitted to the exact specifications of your eyes.


All of our lens types are designed to keep the eye oxygenated, comfortable and healthy.


Our team will help you with decisions like whether to use daily or monthly wear and will give you advice on anything you’re not sure about.

soft contact lenses
Aftercare and Advice
Woman Holds a Contact Lens

We understand that the experience of getting new contact lenses only begins with the appointment and fitting.


This is why we offer comprehensive aftercare to ensure that our community of contact lens users continue to maintain their eye health and remain satisfied with their lenses.

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