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Little girl having an eye exam

Children's Eyecare

Family-friendly services designed to care and protect the youngest of eyes.

Why Choose Lindop For Your Child's Eyecare?

As a community-based practice, we are committed to providing exceptional eye care for the whole family. We understand that children have different eye care needs and whether it’s our examinations or selecting from our products we aim to make your child’s visit to the optometrist stress-free and enjoyable.

Kid's Eye Tests

Little boy having an eye test

Our core set of tests is designed to check up on your child’s vision and eye health. During the examination, you will be given plenty of time to discuss any concerns or ask for advice.


Our optometrists also aim to establish a detailed understanding of your child’s eye health by asking questions about medications and family history of eye conditions.


Eye examinations are also free through the NHS for children under 16 and teenagers under 19 in full-time education.

Glasses For Children

Many children are excited to get a new pair of glasses but for others it can be a stressful experience.


Our team have a keen understanding of this and whatever the case will work hard to make sure your children get glasses they’re happy with.


We offer a broad range of durable and stylish frames for children to fit their looks and personality, so we’re sure your child will find the pair that works for them.

Little girl trying new glasses
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