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Eye Exams

Friendly and professional eyecare services for private and NHS patients of all ages. The health of your eyes is our priority. 

Eye Examinations at Lindop Opticians

An important part of taking care of your eyes is having them examined regularly. The eye examinations we offer are thorough, detailed and personalised for you. Our optometrists will check your vision but also provide a detailed assessment of your overall eye health and check for any conditions that might be developing.

Your Eye Health

Women having an eye exam

As an independent practice, we prioritise the eye health of our patients and community here in Levenshulme.


During any appointments, you can be assured that we will take the time to discuss any queries you might have and offer advice on how to take care of your eyes.


We ensure that all of our procedures are carried out with the most up-to-date technology and that all products we stock are of the highest quality.

What to Expect in Your Appointment?

During our eye examinations, one of our team of expert optometrists will run a set of comprehensive tests designed not only to assess your vision but to investigate the health of your eyes.


As well as carrying out our tests, our experienced team will ask you about any visual difficulties you may be experiencing, your general health and some questions related to your medical history.


Our aim is to understand your eye health profile before we make any recommendations so that we can provide the best possible care for you as an individual.

Slit Lamp Eye Test
Emergency eyecare
Emergency Eyecare
Women Having An Eye Exam

If you have a sudden change in your vision, redness, or blurring or are just concerned about your overall eye health, you can rely on Lindop Opticians for treatment.  
Here at Lindop Opticians, we are happy to help with any concerns or issues, so do not hesitate to get in contact if you wish to have your eyes checked.  
On some occasions, you may be referred to your local optician by your GP, but it is often quicker and easier to go straight to our opticians if you have a concern about your eye health.  
If you'd like to find out more about our eye care services or want to make an appointment, call our practice, and a team member will be happy to help.

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